Studio Calendar 2018-19: 37 scheduled lesson weeks

*PMTA recitals have limited enrollment. 
August 6                      Term begins

October 6                    PMTA Student Recital at AZ Piano at 4 pm*
October 20,21              Fall Festival: Russian Piano Music at Glendale CC

November 22, 23        Thanksgiving Break studio closed Thurs/Fri

December 1                  PMTA Student Recital at AZ Piano at 1 pm*
December 8                  Music at the Mall
Dec 17 - Jan 9             Winter Break studio closed

January 10                   Studio reopens for lessons

February 23                  Federation Festival 11 am - 12 noon

March 2                        PMTA Student Recital at AZ Piano 5:30 pm*
March 11-15                 Spring Break studio closed
March 23-24                 Dean Elder Competition and winners recital

April 27                         Arizona Study Program evaluations at AZ Piano

May                              State Honors Recital preliminary video audition
May 11                         PMTA Student Recital at AZ Piano at 4 pm*
​May 18                         Studio Recitals: Grand Canyon University
                                        Recording Studio: 11am and 12:30pm
May 24                         Term ends                         
May 27- 31                  Term Break

June 3 - 28                   Summer Session
June 8                          State Honors Recital finals in Flagstaff
July                              Studio closed